Travel Planning

International travel can be fun, exciting, and culturally enriching when you are feeling well. Staying safe and healthy on your trip requires travel planning to prevent illness and disease exposure. A consultation with our medical provider will be customized to your itinerary, type of travel, and personal health history with a review of the geography, environment, climate, tropical exposure, altitude, food options, and current global health risks. Recommendations will be made for vaccinations, prescriptions, and regional precautions.

6–8 weeks in advance of your departure is the best time to start your travel planning. This should allow sufficient time for you to receive the required vaccinations and gather the supplies you need for your trip. Call us at 360-757-0027 to schedule your consultation for $59. Vaccinations are charged separately.

Our Travel Planning Forms will provide a place for you to share your itinerary, the countries you will be traveling to, airport connections, the locations where you will spend the night, outdoor activities, and your vaccination history. The Travel Planning Forms are available to download and print from this website, or request they be sent, or pick them up from our office. Return the forms one week prior to your appointment.

Yellow Fever Vaccine is only given in the United States at designated yellow fever vaccination centers.  International regulations require proof of this  vaccination for travel to and from certain countries. We can assist you in locating a yellow fever vaccine resource.  Also, note that the vaccine is to be given at least 10 days before travel to an endemic area.


Travel Planning Forms


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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